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Eduard Konovalov is a Russian composer and music producer, based in Paris. 


E.K. began constructing his very own musical path as a composer after completing a curriculum as a guitarist at The State Classical Academy named after Maimonides in Moscow, which enabled him a close examination of different musical styles both in the classical and the contemporary sector.


While still in Russia, he developed a special interest for Electronica and took up a collaboration with the musical project Messer für Frau Müller and the theatrical composer Oleg Kostrov.

E.K. eventually found himself composing music for cinema and durational performance art. Consequently, he moved to Paris in 2013 to continue his musical education, this time however, in film composition. The same year marked the beginning of his collaboration with the renowned Russian poetess Vera Polozkova. The cooperation yielded numerous audio-visual performances around the world and saw the release of two studio albums.


E.K. has been commissioned to compose music for full-length films, animation work, documentaries, commercials, performance art and live events.

The Moscow State Symphony Cinema Orchestra under the direction of Sergey Skripka, as well as The Studios Davout Session Orchestra Paris count among the orchestras that performed and recorded E.K.’s music, to name a few.


One of the most recent works of E.K. includes a feature titled ANGST (Love Will Keep Us Safe From Death) created by M | V STUDIOS BERLIN, featuring the famous Russian actress Renata Litvinova.

The oeuvre for this project consists of 9 pieces - all composed, arranged and programmed by E.K; ranging from contemporary classic to raging experimental techno. 

The film was premiered on January 23rd at the prestigious Max-Ophüls-Preis film festival in Germany.

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